We’re going to print a book!

Once our contest rotation has been running long enough to provide a substantial art collection, we plan to arrange the gallery of contest winning art into a book. A VIP guest or a trusted friend of Pentatonix will then hand-deliver five copies of this art book: one to each member of Pentatonix.

Here’s how you, as a contributing artist, can help make the book beautiful:

  • Send your entry in high resolution. This helps it look good on the printed page. If you’re uncomfortable with having your work floating around the public Web in print-quality resolution, you may tweet your entry in smaller Web-friendly size, and then if you win the contest, privately send a higher-resolution copy to ptxfanartproject@gmail.com.
  • Share a message to accompany your winning entry. We would like to provide this additional and completely optional way to express yourself and share your love for Pentatonix. You may write about your art or about what the person or people you’ve drawn mean to you. Tweet your message to @PTX_FanArt or email it to ptxfanartproject@gmail.com. Your message will accompany your art, both in the online gallery and in the book. We may edit for spelling and grammar so that no errors distract from your intended meaning.
  • Follow @PTX_FanArt on Twitter. This will enable us to send you a direct message if we have specific questions about how you would like your art displayed in the gallery and book.

We will need to raise funds to print this book; for this, we’re considering funding options. We will have more details about fundraising goals and rewards as we do more research. We welcome your suggestions, especially if you have any experience in having a book printed. Please tweet to @PTX_FanArt on Twitter, or email us: ptxfanartproject@gmail.com

This book will contain the work of many artists who offered their art to the gallery on a free and non-exclusive basis; as such, it would not be ethical for those of us who manage the fundraiser to use the book’s sale for personal profit. If the fundraiser does make surplus money, we pledge to donate it to A Cappella Academy’s Daisy Scholarship.

[Editor’s note: We are updating this post as we learn more about what works best for a book printing plan.]


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