An art book for Avi Kaplan

Today Avi Kaplan announced that he’ll be leaving Pentatonix. Pentatonix posted this announcement video on Facebook:

As Avi takes this step, we would like to surround him with art and love. We know that he’s seen and appreciated many fans’ art, so we plan prepare an art book especially for him, as soon we can reasonably manage. It will include #AviSaturday contest winners, as well as art that Avi has already seen and loves, as documented in our Seen By PTX Hall of Fame. We may also announce other events especially for gathering content for this upcoming book. As with the already-planned book for Pentatonix, surplus funds from this book’s printing fundraiser will be donated to the Daisy Scholarship.

To accelerate our art-gathering for this book, we’d like to announce a special rule for #AviSaturday and contests from tomorrow until the book is finalized: every #AviSaturday entry that earns at least 10 votes will be placed in Avi’s art book. As usual, the entry that earns the most votes will also be placed in the book for Pentatonix as a whole.

Starting on the eve of May 21 and until Avi’s art book is finalized, every Tuesday will be #DragonTuesday. Send us your pictures of dragons! Accelerated #AviSaturday rules apply: every entry that earns at least 10 votes will join Avi’s book.

[Editors note: The #DragonTuesday announcement was added on May 17.]


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