Timeline to book delivery

[Editor’s note: To minimize risk, we’ve changed our plans for Writing Week.]

We’ve set a plan to have the book for Pentatonix and the book especially for Avi into their hands at the concert in Allentown, PA on September 2, 2017. Here’s what we have scheduled so far, up to that moment:

  • June 2-8: Normal art contest week. Photo edit art is now welcome, to compete in its own category. More info on winner selection here.
  • June 9-15: Writing week. For each work of art that has won a contest or campaign, the artist may give the art a title and include a brief message, about a tweet’s length. We’ll be focusing on updating the gallery and book plans with these messages during Writing Week.
  • June 16-22: Normal art contest week. Same rules as June 2-8, unless we find a need to revise them.
  • June 23-29: Coloring contest weekFollow this link to view coloring contest rules and download the coloring pages.
  • July 1-19: Fundraiser for Avi’s book. We need to raise an estimated $220 in 2 weeks, to print and ship 3 hardcover books: one for Avi, one for his parents, and one for Annie Stoll, who designed his album cover. We will start to show early PDF drafts of Avi’s book on our site.
  • July 15 and 18: Last #AviSaturday and #DragonTuesday to make it to Avi’s book. (#AviSaturday will continue after this, but will not be included in this book.)
  • July 20: Deadline for revisions to Avi’s book. We place the print order on July 21.
  • July 21-Aug 3: Fundraiser for PTX book. We need to raise an estimated $300 in 2 weeks, to print and ship 5 hardcover books: one for each member of Pentatonix. We will show PDF drafts of the PTX book on our site.
  • July 28: Final #FanArtFriday. Last event to provide content for this PTX book.
  • August 3: Deadline for revisions to book for PTX. We place the print order on August 4.
  • September 2: Pentatonix concert in Allentown, PA. Viola Love (@ptxviola) is attending a private performance, and will hand-deliver a copy of the PTX book to each member of Pentatonix, and also a copy of Avi’s book to Avi.

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