Coloring Contest Week: June 23-29


June 23 is #FanArtFriday; the first day of our Coloring Contest Week. Fans of all ages and skill levels are welcome to enter. Prepare now for our coloring contests: download the contest coloring pages from here. When you have a page ready, any time between now and when voting opens on its contest day, tweet a picture of your colored page and mention @PTX_FanArt. Voting begins on midnight EST Friday / 9:00 PM PST on the eve of each contest day, so make sure to enter your colored page before that!

Click this link to view and print a PDF of all coloring contest pages.

Here are the week’s coloring pages as separate downloads:

Winners will be determined as follows:

  • Grand Winner: Most votes overall. Each contest day has a Grand Winner.
  • Darkhorse Winner: Most votes among those who have never won a contest before (aside from the Grand Winner, if applicable). Each contest day has a Darkhorse Winner.
  • Child Winner: #FanArtFriday only. Most votes among all entries by children under the age of 10 (aside from the Grand Winner and Darkhorse Winner, if applicable). Fans of all ages are welcome to participate in any contest, but only the #FanArtFriday coloring contest guarantees a win for a child.

Winning entries will be displayed in the gallery on our site, and in the book we will give to Pentatonix on September 2. The exception is #DragonTuesday: its coloring contest winners will be shown in the book for Avi instead.

[Editor’s note: This contest was formerly scheduled in May, but due to low participation on #FanArtFriday, the rest of the contest was postponed. We hope that our new June 23 start date gives people ample time to hear the news and color the pages.]


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