Writing Week, June 9-15

From June 9 through 15, we’ll be taking a brief break from contests for Writing Week! We’ll focus on preparing the book for Pentatonix and the book for Avi with the written words they need.  Here’s what you can expect:

  • We’ll be discussing possible book and chapter titles on Twitter. You can participate by following @PTX_FanArt and replying with suggestions, taking polls, etc.
  • We’ll be making the rounds, asking artists with entries approved for the books to provide titles for their art, and short messages (1 to 2 tweets long) to accompany them.
  • This isn’t for the books, but just for fun, we’ll make a new blog post every day of Writing Week! Tweet us with questions about our projects, or with Pentatonix- and art-related topics you’re interested in reading about.
  • We’ll also be using this time to work on circulating campaigns that still need to reach 100 votes.
  • #AviSaturday and #DragonTuesday art approval events will happen this week as usual.

Please bear in mind the following events coming up after Writing Week:

  1. June 16-22: Normal art contest week. You may enter your art any time before contest day, starting now.
  2. June 23-29: Coloring Contest Week. You can download the coloring pages and start coloring now.

[Editor’s note: We formerly talked about soliciting various forms of writing for the book, up to a page in length. However, we have since decided against actively pursuing this. If anyone wishes to include longer writing in the book, this is possible, if it meets exacting standards for PTX-appropriateness and completes a successful campaign. More details on request.]


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