Artist Etiquette: Give credit

The soul of art is creativity, and ideas for art concepts can come from anywhere. When you get an idea from another artist, give them credit for the idea they gave you. This builds goodwill in the art community. If you use another artist’s distinctive idea without giving credit, this may not go over well; it can even be seen as stealing. So please, give a nod to the source of the idea. Here’s a good example:

Brooke Borden (@brookeborden8) has drawn Kirstin Maldonado assuming the roles of many different fictional characters. Here Brooke has drawn an unusual choice: Kirstin as Edward Scissorhands:

When Emily (@Maldonadogrande) saw this, she wanted to draw her own fan art of Kirstin as Scissorhands. She mentioned in her post that Brooke’s latest piece had inspired her.

Mention the artist who inspires you by name, or even better: mention them by Twitter handle or quote their art. Artists love being credited for their creative ideas, and having their art shared by appreciative fans.


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