Avi’s Week: July 14-20

From Friday, July 14, to Thursday, July 20, the PTX Fan Art Project will focus exclusively on gathering and organizing content to finish the art book for Avi.

All this week’s contests are simple approval events: if your entry gets more than a set number of votes (hearts) on the voting thread, it’s in, with no limit on how many can win. We want everyone to have a chance to enter, so we’ll be holding events open to entries all day. However, we recommend that you enter before voting opens, so that your entry will have all day on the voting thread to gather votes from fans in different time zones. Enter now: tweet or quote your art, one image per tweet, and mention @PTX_FanArt.

Here’s what we have planned:

  • July 14: Flashback Friday. All fan art depicting Avi in 2014 or earlier is welcome. All entries that get 14+ votes join the art book for Avi.
  • July 15: Avi Saturday. This works like most Avi Saturdays: it’s for Avi fan art of all sorts, and all that get 28+ votes on voting day join the book.
  • July 16: No contests, but we’ll be revealing more about book plans and posting early drafts.
  • July 17: Not Just Avi’s Pretty Face. This is a bit like Favorites week, but more strict: all art entered for this day MUST either show someone else’s face in addition to Avi’s face, OR not show Avi’s face at all. So draw Avi’s loved ones, with or without Avi in the picture. Or draw the back of Avi’s head, and have him facing a a forest scene. Or draw cabins and flowers and word art. You get the idea. 14+ votes on an entry gets it into Avi’s book.
  • July 18: Dragon Tuesday. As usual. 14+ votes on any dragon art on the thread gets it into Avi’s book, which will have a chapter just for all the awesome dragons that fans have drawn. You can even participate without drawing a dragon: color one of these fine works of dragon line art, and we’ll credit both the line artist and you in the entry.
  • July 19: New event: ACA Art Day! We’ve seen some great A Cappella Academy inspired art come in recently, and we’d like to devote a chapter in Avi’s book to it. Please send us your art of anything related to A Cappella Academy. 14+ votes on an entry gets it into Avi’s book.
  • July 20: No contests. Deadline for updates to art and messages. We’ll be hard at work on book layout. We want your art in the best possible quality, and we’d like to know the title of your art, and a brief message to go with it if you’d like to include one. Please DM us. On July 21, we finish book layout and send it to @AvisPeeps for printing.

[Editor’s note: We updated this to announce ACA Art Day and push the revision deadline back slightly.]


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