Contest Details

The PTX Fan Art Project runs a weekly fan art contest rotation on Twitter for Pentatonix as a whole and for each of its five members. The purposes of this contest are to celebrate Pentatonix through the visual arts, and to provide a centralized display for the community’s best fan art. This gallery will be bigger than any single artist, and so can grow to have a better chance of being noticed by Pentatonix than any of us working alone. As the gallery catches on, it can relieve fan artists of the frustration of spamming their work to no avail, and also relieve Pentatonix of the trouble of being spammed continuously with more content than they have time to notice.

How to vote for your favorite art

Follow @PTX_FanArt on Twitter. At 9:30 PM PST on the eve of each voting day, @PTX_FanArt tweets all eligible submissions for that category. [We have recently extended voting hours, to better serve fans in all time zones.] Like the @PTX_FanArt tweets of any pictures that you’d love to see in the gallery; you’re free to Like as many or as few as you want. The entry whose @PTX_FanArt tweet has the most Likes by 9:00 PM PST on voting day is that category’s winner. Contest categories go in the following weekly rotation:

  • Fridays are #FanArtFriday for @PTXofficial. Vote on fan art of the whole group.
  • Saturdays are #AviSaturday. Vote on @Avi_Kaplan fan art.
  • Sundays are #ScottSunday. Vote on @scotthoying fan art.
  • Mondays are #MitchMonday. Vote on @mitchgrassi fan art.
  • Tuesdays typically do not have a contest. Take it easy and watch Superfruit!
  • Wednesdays are #KevinWednesday. Vote on @KOlusola fan art.
  • Thursdays are #KirstieThursday. Vote on @kirstin_taylor fan art.

How to enter your art

We run a contest with six categories on a weekly rotation: one for PTX as a whole, and one for each of its members. Submit an entry to a contest any time of the week by mentioning @PTX_FanArt. We collect submissions for all categories week-round, up until voting opens on its category. If your submission is late for voting time, that just means you’ve entered it into the next contest where it fits. 🙂

Art entry rules

  • Each entry may win no more than once. If a work has already won this contest in any category, it is ineligible to be submitted again. You are welcome to submit a different work of yours that they have not yet noticed.
  • Each artist may win a particular contest no more than once per month. We seek to feature artwork from a variety of artists. If, for example, you’ve already won #AviSaturday this month, you’re free to enter other contests, but leave the rest of the month’s #AviSaturday contests to others.
  • Must be not yet noticed by PTX. The goal of our contest is to deliver art to Pentatonix that they have not yet seen. As such, art that has already been seen by any member of PTX is ineligible to enter. If PTX or any of its members notices artwork after it opens to vote, it may remain in the running for that contest.
  • You may submit a work until it wins. If you don’t win one week, feel free to try next week with the same work.
  • Your art (or your minor child’s art) only. We don’t want anyone’s work entered into the contest without their consent. If you like someone else’s art, we encourage you to tell them about the contest and invite them to enter. Collaborations are welcome if all participants publicly give permission.
  • No art is too old or too new. Your art is eligible regardless of how long you’ve had it posted on the Web.
  • Limit once per week per entry. For example, your work of Superfruit fan art may be submitted to your choice of #ScottSunday or #MitchMonday, but not to both in the same week. (You may submit different works to each in the same week.) Specify your category of choice by mentioning the member’s Twitter username (or @PTXofficial, for the whole group category) in your tweet. Any submission that mentions more than one will be disqualified.
  • Keep it respectful and family-friendly. Please only enter art that you would be comfortable showing to a three-year-old, your mother, and any member of Pentatonix.
  • Submissions to the @PTXofficial category should pertain to all members. Appropriate entries include likenesses of all five members together, or your interpretation of the PTX logo.
  • Site admins and their friends are free to enter and vote. Since voting takes place publicly on Twitter, admins’ influence on the vote is no greater than that of any other participant. The @PTX_FanArt account itself does not vote.
  • When entering photo edit art, please identify it as such. Unless otherwise specified, photo edit art runs in a separate category from original art.

How it works

On 9:00 PM PST before voting day, the Twitter account @PTX_FanArt will tweet a picture of each eligible entry submitted that week, and credit the artist. The entry in each category whose @PTX_FanArt tweet receives the most Twitter Likes by the contest’s closing time is the category winner for that week. Each week’s category winners will be displayed in the gallery on

At present, there is enough not-yet-noticed art to power a weekly contest for quite some time, but if this backlog runs out and ongoing fan art output doesn’t keep up with a weekly contest, we may change it to monthly.

Once the contest has been running long enough to provide a substantial art collection, we plan to arrange the gallery of contest winning art into a book. With the help of a VIP guest or a trusted friend of Pentatonix, we’ll hand-deliver five copies of this book: one to each member of Pentatonix.

Please remember to follow @PTX_FanArt on Twitter so that you’ll be ready to submit and vote on art once the contest is live. Questions? Send an email to We look forward to seeing your art!