Event Rules

How to vote

Follow @PTX_FanArt on Twitter. At 9:30 PM PST on the eve of each voting day, @PTX_FanArt tweets all eligible submissions for that category. Like the @PTX_FanArt tweets of any pictures that you’d love to see in the gallery; you’re free to Like as many or as few as you want. Votes are counted at 9:00 PM PST on voting day, or shortly after. is that category’s winner.

The PTX Fan Art Project runs a weekly fan art event rotation on Twitter. At present, we’re focusing on preparing an art book for Superfruit. Our weekly events are as follows:

  • #FanArtFriday approval event for fan art of Superfruit as a whole. 25+ votes gets an entry into the book, with no limit to how many can join
  • #ScottSunday contest. Each contest day, 2 winners join the book: a Grand Winner, and a Darkhorse Winner.
  • #MitchMonday contest, same format as #ScottSunday.

We’d like to deliver the Superfruit fan art book at one of Pentatonix’s Christmas concert. We’ll have more details later.

The next fan art book for all of Pentatonix will be printed some time in 2018, but we always love celebrating Pentatonix through art. On the last full week of every month, starting with #FanArtFriday, we host #PTXWeek, with the following events:

  • #FanArtFriday approval event. Art that depicts at least 3 members of Pentatonix together is eligible. All entries that gain 25+ votes earn a place in the next fan art book for Pentatonix.
  • #AviSaturday contest. 2 winners join the next art book for Avi.
  • #ScottSunday contest, for the Superfruit fan art book and next PTX fan art book.
  • #MitchMonday contest, likewise.
  • #KevinWednesday contest.
  • #KirstieThursday contest.


How to enter your art

You may enter your art any time before a contest begins: quote or tweet your art and mention @PTX_FanArt. We collect submissions for all categories week-round, up until voting opens on its category. If your submission is late for voting time, that just means you’ve entered it into the next contest where it fits. 🙂

Art entry rules

  • Each entry may win no more than once. If a work has already earned a place in one of our books, it is ineligible to be submitted again. (Some of our book projects accept art that’s already in our other books; if this is the case, we’ll explicitly welcome art that has already joined another book.) You are welcome to submit a different work of yours.
  • You may submit a work until it wins. If you don’t win one week, feel free to try next week with the same work.
  • Your art (or your minor child’s art) only. We don’t want anyone’s work entered into the contest without their consent. If you like someone else’s art, we encourage you to tell them about the contest and invite them to enter. Collaborations are welcome if all participants publicly give permission.
  • No art is too old or too new. Your art is eligible regardless of how long you’ve had it posted on the Web.
  • Keep it respectful and appropriate. Art entered in our contests should meet similar standards of appropriateness to those kept by the content its recipients create. Most art should be appropriate for audiences of all ages. Art exclusive to the art book for Superfruit may be PG-13, like Superfruit’s show. The primary audience for our books is our faves, so above all, entries must be something we’d be unashamed to show to them.
  • Submissions to the @PTXofficial category should either pertain to all of Pentatonix, or show at least three members of Pentatonix. Appropriate entries include (but are not necessarily limited to) likenesses of all five members together, or your interpretation of the PTX logo.
  • Site admins and their friends are free to enter and vote. Since voting takes place publicly on Twitter, admins’ influence on the vote is no greater than that of any other participant. The @PTX_FanArt account itself does not vote.
  • Photo edit art is welcome. We strive to describe art accurately, so if we ask you about your methods for creating something, please answer honestly.

How winners are determined

At 9:00 PM PST or shortly after, a @PTX_FanArt admin reports a vote count, which closes the day’s event. There are two standard types of events: contests, and approval events.

Joining the Book

Typically, the reward of winning a contest or receiving enough votes in an approval event is getting a place in the next applicable fan art book. These books are made available to the public as PDFs, but their primary audience is the members of Pentatonix; we print copies just for them.

As such, if any member of Pentatonix publicly notices entries while they’re on the voting thread, all noticed entries automatically join the book. If they cast votes, each one with a vote from a PTX member joins the book (as do all entries that qualify through normal means). If they say “I love them all!”, we take them at their word and everything on the thread joins the book! (This may cause imbalances in art-per-member count, but we have ways of restoring the balance.)


Typically, each contest has two winners. The Grand Winner is the entry that receives the most votes. The Darkhorse Winner is the entry that receives the most votes (aside from the Grand Winner) among entries submitted by artists who have not yet won a contest. Contest winners join our gallery and the next applicable book, and their artists gain “champion” status, which means that they are no longer eligible for Darkhorse Winner (until statuses are reset).

Approval events

Approval events have no limit on how many entries may win. All entries that meet or exceed a stated vote count by the end of the event day may join the gallery and book. Approval events do not change artists’ status from darkhorse to champion.

Other events

Sometimes we host events that run by special rules. Event rule explanations will be given in advance, as well as in the thread of the event itself. If you have any questions, you’re welcome to DM @PTX_FanArt on Twitter, or email us: ptxfanartproject@gmail.com