We need volunteers!

Kathy W. Bunn (@McKathlin) founded the PTX Fan Art Project in April, 2017. She started running @PTX_FanArt by herself. Over time, she sought other team members to help with some matters of publicity, but she still does conducts most @PTX_FanArt work by herself. We are now seeking more volunteers, so that it can continue its mission, whether or not Kathy is around. Here are the duties. Specific roles where help is wanted are in bold. We are updating this list as volunteers are added.

Co-directors (up to 5)

Co-directors are at the helm of the @PTX_FanArt Project. They work together as equals to shape the vision and mission of the organization, plan event and book schedules, recruit volunteers, and make sure all necessary duties are fulfilled. Co-directors will meet weekly if possible to discuss plans. Kathy (@McKathlin) and Carly (@scoothooying) are two of a potential five co-directors. We’re looking for up to three more co-directors to join us; this is a commitment of roughly 5 hours per week, scattered throughout the week as needed.


Publicists log in as @PTX_FanArt and make tweets. In the few days before their contest day, they call for entries. On their contest day, they quote the thread every few hours to help followers see it. Because of their access to the main account, only highly trusted volunteers may serve as publicist. Publicists who are willing to handle more responsibility are encouraged to also help with receiving entries, posting the voting thread, and counting votes.

  • #FanArtFriday – Kathy (@McKathlin)
  • #AviSaturday – Macey (@MaaceFaace)
  • #ScottSunday – Carly (@scoothooying)
  • #MitchMonday – Ké (@thrillergrassi)
  • #MattTuesday – Meg (@ptxmeagan)
  • #KevinWednesday – Emily (@emilyyurchison)
  • #KirstieThursday – Luis (@luisjhernand)
  • Special events – Kathy (@McKathlin)
  • News thread: the day’s event, upcoming events, auctions, etc. – Kathy (@McKathlin)

Event thread specialists

Advanced duties related to contest days: receiving entries and making the thread collage, posting the voting thread, and counting votes at end of day. These may be done by the thread publicist, or if the thread publicist can’t be present to do them, another person may take this role.

  • #FanArtFriday – Kathy (@McKathlin)
  • #AviSaturday – Kathy (@McKathlin) receives, collages, & posts. Macey (@MaaceFaace) counts votes.
  • #ScottSunday – Carly (@scoothooying)
  • #MitchMonday – Kathy (@McKathlin)
  • #MattTuesday – Kathy (@McKathlin)
  • #KevinWednesday – Emily (@emilyyurchison)
  • #KirstieThursday – Kathy (@McKathlin) receives, collages, & posts. Luis (@luisjhernand) counts votes.


The blog is where we post announcements about events, winners of previous contests, and sometimes make advice posts about drawing, fan artist etiquette, etc. Our blog has fallen out of date because Kathy has her hands full with Twitter events and books. Allison (@ptx_allison) has joined our team as #ScottSunday/#MitchMonday blogger. We are seeking bloggers, especially to make simple posts that display works of art that have won events. #KirstieThursday blogging is our greatest unmet need. This includes catching up where our blog has fallen behind. If you want to help with something less time-sensitive than event thread publicity, this is a volunteer position that may work well for you.

Multilingual outreach

Multilingual volunteers help us tweet some key messages in other languages. They can do this through the @PTX_FanArt account if they have access, or otherwise they can send us a message with the translated text through DMs or GC, for a publicist to copy and paste. We are seeking volunteers for any fandom-popular language other than English, but especially Japanese.

Book-specific roles

The roles described are marked with who’s doing them for the #SuperfruitFanArtBook.

  • Book project lead – @McKathlinPlans out book content and advises on events for gathering it.
    Responsible for all book creation duties. Either find people to do them, or do them yourself.
  • Gathering art titles and messages from artists – @McKathlin, @scoothooying, more help wanted
  • Cover art – @McKathlin
  • Title page and chapter head lettering – @McKathlin
  • Book layout (this is a lot of work!) – place art on the pages of the book, and produce a ready-to-print PDF. – @McKathlin unless someone else volunteers
  • Indexing and completeness checking – Write the index. Make sure no entries that earned a place in the book are left out, that all authors, titles, and messages are correct. Betty (@BettyHalamicek) has volunteered to help us document art for the book and build the index.
  • Printing and binding – Michelle Dickey (@MichelleMD404) of @AvisPeeps, unless someone else wishes to do this.
  • Delivery – A trusted person who will have an opportunity to meet our fave within the time window we’ve planned. We are seeking the soonest opportunity to deliver the book to Scott and Mitch. If you have any leads on when and how to appropriately and reliably do this, please let us know.

We’re now seeking a book project lead for the #ArtBookForKirstin.

If you’re interested in helping out in any capacity, please DM us (@PTX_FanArt) on Twitter.


Final Week Results, July 21-27

This week was the last full week of contests for the PTX Fan Art Book, and our biggest week yet! Each day had at least 17 qualifying entries, so 17 works of art will join the book for each member.


  1. @Jusmeavi – Birthday gift (Grand Winner)
  2. @voliii (Darkhorse 1)
  3. @CeciliaHahn7
  4. @DragonLadySPN – “Saphira”
  5. @PTXPandas
  6. @Dragnmstrss
  7. @Scomiche_69 (Champion 1)
  8. @ptxviola
  9. @MaaceFaace – “Flower Beard”
  10. @McKathlin – “Fields & Pier”
  11. @luisjhernand
  12. @Gerridwynn9 – “Halfdragon”
  13. @Mariah_Draws
  14. @Ro_sunflower
  15. @debbie_sandhe
  16. @Jusmeavi – Eye (Additional Entry 1)
  17. @MaaceFaace – “It Turns Out Fine”


  1. @fannycub “Flowers” (Grand Winner)
  2. @Gomisaurio (Darkhorse 1)
  4. @voliii
  5. @kennethtenneth
  6. @ErinCullen8 (Champion 1)
  7. @ptxviola
  8. @Jusmeavi – Minimalist
  9. @ptx_edit_chiara
  10. @ser2000tx
  11. @McKathlin
  12. @Mariah_Draws
  13. @Gerridwynn9
  14. @PotatoForeman
  15. @fannycub – Photoshoot (Additional Entry 1)
  16. @Jusmeavi – Scavi
  17. @fannycub – “Future Friends”


  1. @McKathlin (Grand Winner)
  2. @EmilyDBeato (Darkhorse 1)
  3. @autumn_hoying – Flower Face
  4. @ahahoying
  5. @Gomisaurio
  6. @RilakkumaMitchy
  7. @julianna_creme
  8. @voliii – Psychedelic
  9. @Dragnmstrss
  10. @Tori40403
  11. @jensucks (Champion 1)
  12. @Scomiche_69
  13. @cintia_elefanti
  14. @carmymouff “Daddy”
  15. @ptxviola
  16. @debbie_sandhe
  17. @noodleptx


  1. @Arts_by_Selina “Music” (Grand Winner)
  2. @Gomisaurio (Darkhorse 1)
  3. @voliii
  4. @Dragnmstrss – Winter
  5. @PentaToddler
  6. @Jusmeavi – “Meat and Potatoes” (Champion 1)
  7. @cintia_elefanti
  8. @Gerridwynn9 – Cello
  9. @kennatonix – Cello
  10. @biklar10
  11. @ptx_edit_chiara
  12. @debbie_sandhe
  13. @McKathlin
  14. @ser2000tx
  15. @Mariah_Draws
  16. @Arts_by_Selina – Blue (Additional Entry 1)
  17. @Jusmeavi – Bros


  1. @ptxviola (Grand Winner)
  2. @Jennasscomiche (Darkhorse 1)
  3. @voliii
  4. @Jess_hamilton_x
  5. @Dragnmstrss
  6. @PentaToddler
  7. @ptxchristine – #BreakALittle
  8. @luisjhernand – Mononoke
  9. @ErinCullen8 – Sunglasses
  10. @carmymouff – “Galaxy”
  11. @McKathlin
  12. @cintia_elefanti
  13. @hopelessktm
  14. @ptx_edit_chiara – Jerstie
  15. @kerendial
  16. @cryingbckirstie – Home
  17. @debbie_sandhe


#FanArtFriday coloring contest, June 23

Grand winner: @Gerridwynn9 | 2nd: @McKathlin | 3rd: @Jadetriestoart

We originally planned for 3 winning slots: 1 for top-voted overall, 1 for top-voted among those who had not yet won a contest, and 1 for top-voted child age 10 or younger. However, we had only 3 entries, all from champion artists, so our 3 winning slots went to them.

Click any of the above images to view larger.

#KevinWednesday: Kevin saw our art!

On Wednesday, April 26, Kevin retweeted our contest thread:

“Have mercy; I love them all!” –Kevin Olusola

Here are the 6 works of fan art that Kevin saw and loves. Click on any of them to get a closer look.

The picture that got the most votes was the one in colored pencil on brown paper by Kathy (@McKathlin) – see her artwork on DeviantArt and Twitter. All six artists in the contest won the honor of being appreciated by the subject of their art. We love you, Kevin!