#FanArtFriday winner: Lyd (@Scomiche_69)

PTX - Scomiche_69
“Bohemian Rhapsody” by Lyd (@Scomiche_69)

Hi, guys!! My name’s Lyd and I love you and to draw you. You pulled me through so many difficult times and I could never be able to fully thank you for your help. I love you immensely and the only way I know how to show my love is through my art, that’s why I adore to spend my time drawing and painting you. It makes me feel better just like your music does. When you notice my art, I can’t help but be euphoric and cry for hours, days. I hope my art makes you feel at least a little happy and I hope you like it. I love you a lot!!”

This #FanArtFriday was the first day of #DarkHorseWeek. Congrats to Lyd on their first contest win!

Give Lyd’s art some love on Instagram and Twitter.


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