#DragonTuesday approvals, July 18

Many entered for our last #DragonTuesday for the art book for Avi, and all reached at least 14 votes, thus earning their place in Avi’s book.


#DragonTuesday coloring page downloads

Only two #DragonTuesday events remain before we finalize the art book for Avi. To encourage your contributions to Avi’s book, we’ve provided a few coloring pages offered up by fans, based on previous #DragonTuesday entries that have been accepted into the book.


Dragon by Jade (@Jadetriestoart). Download: JPG image | PDF for printing

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Dragon - Gerridwynn9
Tiny dragon by Taylor (@Gerridwynn9). Download: JPG image | PDF for printing

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Dragon - Jusmeavi
Smol Dragon Suit Avi by Lizzy (@Jusmeavi). Download: JPG image | PDF for printing

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Dragon by Juani (@JuaniAPtx). Download: JPG image | PDF for printing

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#AviSaturday approvals, July 8

July 8 was #AviSaturday of Favorites Week. Many entered, and many were approved for Avi’s book. Favorites Week results for entering the PTX book were determined at week’s end; find themĀ here.

#DragonTuesday approvals, June 27


All 8 #DragonTuesday entries exceeded the 14-vote requirement to join Avi’s book.

Mouse over an image for artist credit; click to view larger.

#DragonTuesday approvals, June 20

This #DragonTuesday, these 6 works of dragon art received 14 or more votes and so have qualified to join the art book for Avi. Mouse over any image to view title and author, and click to view larger.