Contests resume Friday. 3 winners per contest day

Grand Winner. Darkhorse Winner. Photo Edit Winner.

We return to hosting art contests this #FanArtFriday, June 2. As usual, the voting days are #FanArtFriday, #AviSaturday, #ScottSunday, #MitchMonday, #KevinWednesday, and #KirstieThursday. To enter for any day, simply tweet your art and mention @PTX_FanArt. You may enter art any time from now until voting opens on the eve of a category’s day (9:00 PM Pacific time, or midnight Eastern time).

Each day this week, three winning entries will join the book for PTX. Winners are determined as follows:

  • Grand Winner: Top-voted original art.
  • Darkhorse Winner: Top-voted original art (aside from Grand Winner) among artists who have not yet won a contest.
  • Photo Edit Winner: Top-voted photo edit art or collage.

Our accelerated art gathering for Avi’s book continues.

  • On #AviSaturday, every entry that earns 28 votes or more joins Avi’s book.
  • On #DragonTuesday, every entry that earns 14 votes or more joins Avi’s book.

Coloring Page week: May 19-25

Coloring Page Week runs from #FanArtFriday on May 19 through #KirstieThursday on May 25. Our contest rotation will serve to select coloring pages for the Coloring Contest Week that follows (May 26 through June 1). The following special rules apply to Coloring Page Week:

  • All entries must be black and white.  Admins may post-process entries to make the black and white as crisp and noise-free as possible, and to bring resolution up to print quality.
  • Photo edit art is welcome. Photo edit art will be identified as such, and will run alongside original drawings with no separation of contest categories.
  • Fans are instructed to vote for the page they most want to color, so artists should prepare their line art with coloring in mind. Shading and solid black areas are not recommended.
  • #AviSaturday and #DragonTuesday will accept entries of all sorts: general art as well as line art. Only black and white line art will be eligible to win the Coloring Page Week contest, but art of any type that earns 10 votes or more on these contest days will join Avi’s art book.
  • Feel free to turn your existing art into a coloring page. Coloring page adaptations of former contest winning entries–or future contest winning entries–are welcome.

All other contest rules apply.

[Editor’s note: #DragonTuesday added. For this week, we have added an exception to the “one win per entry rule” to open up more possibilities for coloring page adaptations.]

New rule concerning photo edit art

On #KirstieThursday on April 27, Beth’s winning entry was a work of photo edit art, but not all voters were aware that it was. Its presence raised the question of whether photo edit art should continue to run alongside original art, or separately. Most who responded were in favor of running photo edit art separately from original art. As such, a new rule has been added:

No photo edit art or edits of other people’s art, unless specifically requested for a special event. A valid art entry may be digital, traditional, or a hybrid, but should be created from scratch by the artist who submits it.

The frequency of photo edit contests will depend on how popular they are when they run.

#KirstieThursday winner: Beth (@bethjfrench)

Kirstin - bethjfrench - highres
Untitled, by Beth (@bethjfrench)

Beth’s submission was our first photo edit art to enter, and the first to win. Its presence raised the question of whether photo edit art should continue to run alongside original art in contests, or in a separate category. We’ve decided that in the future we will run photo edits separately, on occasional special event days. How frequently we have photo edit contests will depend on how many enter.

Give Beth’s art some love on Twitter.