Event schedule through October

We’re preparing a fan art book for Superfruit, and we also have some other things going. Here’s our schedule:

  • Sept. 22-28: PTX Week. Until further notice, you can expect the last full contest week of every month to be PTX Week. #FanArtFriday for all PTX, #AviSaturday, #ScottSunday, #MitchMonday, #KevinWednesday, #KirstieThursday.
  • Sept. 29-Oct. 3: A normal Superfruit week (Superfruit #FanArtFriday, #ScottSunday, #MitchMonday), plus a special Tuesday event: #HOWYOUFEELING fan art approval event, where all entries earning 15+ votes join the book.
  • Oct. 6-10: A normal Superfruit week, plus a Tuesday event: #HURRYUP fan art approval event. 15+ votes gets an entry into the book, with no limits.
  • Oct. 13-16 : A normal Superfruit week, plus a coloring page #AviSaturday. Enter Avi-themed line art that’s ready to color, for the PTX coloring book we’ll be making. For coloring page #AviSaturday, ink, pencil or digital art are all accepted, as long as the art isn’t shaded or colored.
  • Oct. 20-26: Halloween PTX Week. Enter fan art of PTX members in costume!
    • Update: We anticipate many people will want to enter general art, so we’ll accept it. Art of costumed PTX members gets bonus points toward its vote count.
    • Another update: This #PTXWeek will include our first-ever #MattTuesday. Enter your Matt Sallee fan art anytime between now and when voting opens on Monday night, please!

As with most of our events, you may enter any of these events any time between when it’s announced (that means now!) and when voting opens. Quote or tweet your art, one image per tweet, and mention @PTX_FanArt. We will post updates here as further plans form.


PTX #FanArtFriday approvals, August 25

These works of Pentatonix fan art all received 25 or more votes on voting day, earning a place in the next applicable art book.

#FanArtFriday approvals, July 21

This #FanArtFriday, four works of fan art of PTX as a group got more than 15 votes and joined the #PTXFanArtBook. Mouse over for info; click on any image to view larger.

July 21-27: Last contest week for #PTXFanArtBook

This week of contests will work much like Bandwagon Week: we’ll be putting as much art in the PTX Fan Art Book as qualifies with 15+ votes, as long as each member of Pentatonix gets the same number of art pieces. We hope this will be our biggest contest week ever!

Artists who have not yet won a contest–we call them darkhorses–have their art added at higher priority. To enter, simply tweet or quote your art, one image per tweet, and mention @PTX_FanArt.

One thing that’s different this week: unlike previous weeks, we now welcome art that members of Pentatonix have seen! If you have some art that someone in Pentatonix has seen and loves, enter it this week, and it will run alongside undiscovered art.

Here’s the schedule:

  • July 21: #FanArtFriday. Enter your art of at least three members of Pentatonix together, or your rendition of the PTX logo. All entries that get 15+ votes join the book, with no limits.
  • July 22: #AviSaturday. The Art Book for Avi is not taking new content, but the PTX Fan Art Book is. If you’ve gotten your art in Avi’s book but not in the PTX book yet, this is a good time to enter.
  • July 23: #ScottSunday. This day tends to run short on entries compared to other contest days, so please enter your Scott Hoying fan art!
  • July 24: #MitchMonday. We already have many entries for this day, but if you haven’t won any of our contests yet, your art’s chances are good today. Please enter!
  • July 25: #SuperfruitTuesday! There’s been a lot of great @SUP3RFRUIT fan art lately, and we want it to be part of the PTX Fan Art Book, too. All entries that get 15+ votes this #SuperfruitTuesday join the book, with no limits.
  • July 26: #KevinWednesday. Kevin tends to get fewer entries than some other members, so please draw Kevin and enter your art of him!
  • July 27:#KirstieThursday. We already have many Kirstin entries, but if you haven’t won any of our contests yet, your chances are good today. Please enter!

Our greatest need is for art of Scott and Kevin; they tend to have the fewest works of art entered. So please, draw Scott or Kevin, and if you know someone who’s made art of Scott or Kevin, invite them to enter their art!

If you’d like some drawing advice, check out our tutorials:


Favorites Week: July 7-13

There are more ways to show Pentatonix some art love than just by drawing their pretty faces. We’re devoting a week to adding art to the book of Pentatonix’s favorite people, places, and things. Here are some ground rules, and some ideas of what to draw.


  • Favorites Week will accept many winners, as we did with Bandwagon Week: everything passing the qualifying vote count–only 15 votes required this week–may join the book, as long as entry counts are matched member for member. Same rules apply for determining entry priority: top-voted entry first, then darkhorses before champions, etc.
  • We welcome your art, even if someone in PTX has already seen it. Our usual contest rule concerning #SeenByPTX art doesn’t apply.
  • Portraits of PTX members by themselves will not be accepted. Each entry must feature a favorite person, place, and/or thing of the target PTX member.
  • The PTX member does not need to be shown. Their favorite is mandatory, but the member himself/herself is optional. To clear up ambiguity, please use the hashtag for the target voting day, or mention the PTX member you made the art for.
  • #FanArtFriday requirements are relaxed. Logo-inspired art and straightforward group shots of all five PTX members are accepted this week as they are any week. Also accepted: any art that contains at least 3 PTX members, and/or someone who works closely with Pentatonix on a regular basis, and/or any person, place, or thing loved by all members of Pentatonix.


Here are a few ideas for each of the contest days. These are suggestions; your entries are not limited to these topics.


  • On #FavoritesWeek, we love group portraits. Any art of 2 or more PTX members together, or at least one PTX member with anyone, whether friend, family member, fan, or fictional character!
  • On #FavoritesWeek, we love works of art that aren’t portraits at all! Draw any place or thing that you think someone in Pentatonix would love. Word art is also welcome.


  • Word art with Pentatonix song lyrics, or any sort of abstract or representational art that references Pentatonix song lyrics
  • scenes of places where Pentatonix has shot music videos, or that reference their adventures on tour. (e.g. a Mario Kart track as a nod to their recent kart racing fun in Japan)
  • Any PTX staff member or friend to everyone in Pentatonix: e.g. Ben Bram, Esther Koop, Lipstick Nick, Mario José…we could go on.


  • Any of Avi’s famous favorite things: dragons (also welcome on #DragonTuesday), castles, barbecue, bass notes…
  • Landscapes! Avi loves nature, especially mountains and forests. And cabins.
  • Draw little details in nature: a bird, a flower, whatever inspires you.
  • Avi’s siblings or parents. Group shots are encouraged this week; individual portraits are also fine.
  • Avi’s associates at Endeavor Studios and/or members of his folk band.
  • Anything that celebrates A Cappella Academy.
  • A banjitar, or a little guitars. In his free space. Or that really cool resonator guitar he got for his birthday.
  • Word art with lyrics from any of Avi’s songs, or any sort of art that references these lyrics.


  • Superfruit fan art! Please please send it! We’ll distribute it evenly between #ScottSunday and #MitchMonday.
  • Beyoncé. Send Scott ALL your Beyoncé fan art. He’ll love it.
  • Wyatt. (Please don’t bug Scott and Mitch about where Wyatt is, but I’m sure they love Wyatt and have placed him in caring hands, and would happily receive Wyatt fan art.)
  • Scott’s parents.
  • Iceland!
  • Word art for any song lyrics that Scott is known for writing or singing.


  • A lot of the same things as for #ScottSunday: Superfruit, Wyatt, Iceland, etc.
  • All things Balenciaga.
  • Mike Grassi.
  • Your fan art of Spongebob, Frozen, Wicked, or any other show you know Mitch loves.
  • Word art of any song lyrics famously sung by Mitch.


  • Kevin’s cello.
  • Kevin with family members or friends: parents, sisters, honorary brother Avi, etc.
  • Landscapes or cityscapes: places close to Kevin’s heart include his hometown of Owensboro, Kentucky; as well as China, where he studied for an extended time.
  • Chicken noodle soup!
  • Word art with any motivational quotes, song lyrics, or Bible verses that you think Kevin would like.


  • Family: Kirstin’s mom. Her fiancé, Jeremy. Her furbabies, Olaf and Pascal.
  • Landscapes or cityscapse: Texas, the trio’s home state; Paris, where Jeremy proposed; Mexico, where they went on vacation; anywhere that you know to be special to Kirstin.
  • The trio. Or Kirstin with any PTX member, fan, or anyone.
  • Kirstin cosplaying one of her favorite fictional characters.
  • Word art of any of Kirstin’s song lyrics, or any sort of art that references these songs.

#FanArtFriday coloring contest, June 23

Grand winner: @Gerridwynn9 | 2nd: @McKathlin | 3rd: @Jadetriestoart

We originally planned for 3 winning slots: 1 for top-voted overall, 1 for top-voted among those who had not yet won a contest, and 1 for top-voted child age 10 or younger. However, we had only 3 entries, all from champion artists, so our 3 winning slots went to them.

Click any of the above images to view larger.

Coloring Contest Week: June 23-29


June 23 is #FanArtFriday; the first day of our Coloring Contest Week. Fans of all ages and skill levels are welcome to enter. Prepare now for our coloring contests: download the contest coloring pages from here. When you have a page ready, any time between now and when voting opens on its contest day, tweet a picture of your colored page and mention @PTX_FanArt. Voting begins on midnight EST Friday / 9:00 PM PST on the eve of each contest day, so make sure to enter your colored page before that!

Click this link to view and print a PDF of all coloring contest pages.

Here are the week’s coloring pages as separate downloads:

Winners will be determined as follows:

  • Grand Winner: Most votes overall. Each contest day has a Grand Winner.
  • Darkhorse Winner: Most votes among those who have never won a contest before (aside from the Grand Winner, if applicable). Each contest day has a Darkhorse Winner.
  • Child Winner: #FanArtFriday only. Most votes among all entries by children under the age of 10 (aside from the Grand Winner and Darkhorse Winner, if applicable). Fans of all ages are welcome to participate in any contest, but only the #FanArtFriday coloring contest guarantees a win for a child.

Winning entries will be displayed in the gallery on our site, and in the book we will give to Pentatonix on September 2. The exception is #DragonTuesday: its coloring contest winners will be shown in the book for Avi instead.

[Editor’s note: This contest was formerly scheduled in May, but due to low participation on #FanArtFriday, the rest of the contest was postponed. We hope that our new June 23 start date gives people ample time to hear the news and color the pages.]