#KevinWednesday approvals, Sept. 27

This #KevinWednesday was an approval event, and all five entries exceeded the 25 votes required to make it into the art book for Kevin.

And in the evening, Kevin noticed the thread and quoted it!



#AviSaturday approvals, September 23

On #AviSaturday, September 23, Avi himself visited the thread, and he said:

Many qualified due to meeting or exceeding the 49 required votes. But since Avi praised them all, all will be joining the book for him. Here are the fortunate entries:

July 21-27: Last contest week for #PTXFanArtBook

This week of contests will work much like Bandwagon Week: we’ll be putting as much art in the PTX Fan Art Book as qualifies with 15+ votes, as long as each member of Pentatonix gets the same number of art pieces. We hope this will be our biggest contest week ever!

Artists who have not yet won a contest–we call them darkhorses–have their art added at higher priority. To enter, simply tweet or quote your art, one image per tweet, and mention @PTX_FanArt.

One thing that’s different this week: unlike previous weeks, we now welcome art that members of Pentatonix have seen! If you have some art that someone in Pentatonix has seen and loves, enter it this week, and it will run alongside undiscovered art.

Here’s the schedule:

  • July 21: #FanArtFriday. Enter your art of at least three members of Pentatonix together, or your rendition of the PTX logo. All entries that get 15+ votes join the book, with no limits.
  • July 22: #AviSaturday. The Art Book for Avi is not taking new content, but the PTX Fan Art Book is. If you’ve gotten your art in Avi’s book but not in the PTX book yet, this is a good time to enter.
  • July 23: #ScottSunday. This day tends to run short on entries compared to other contest days, so please enter your Scott Hoying fan art!
  • July 24: #MitchMonday. We already have many entries for this day, but if you haven’t won any of our contests yet, your art’s chances are good today. Please enter!
  • July 25: #SuperfruitTuesday! There’s been a lot of great @SUP3RFRUIT fan art lately, and we want it to be part of the PTX Fan Art Book, too. All entries that get 15+ votes this #SuperfruitTuesday join the book, with no limits.
  • July 26: #KevinWednesday. Kevin tends to get fewer entries than some other members, so please draw Kevin and enter your art of him!
  • July 27:#KirstieThursday. We already have many Kirstin entries, but if you haven’t won any of our contests yet, your chances are good today. Please enter!

Our greatest need is for art of Scott and Kevin; they tend to have the fewest works of art entered. So please, draw Scott or Kevin, and if you know someone who’s made art of Scott or Kevin, invite them to enter their art!

If you’d like some drawing advice, check out our tutorials:


An art book for Avi Kaplan

Today Avi Kaplan announced that he’ll be leaving Pentatonix. Pentatonix posted this announcement video on Facebook:

As Avi takes this step, we would like to surround him with art and love. We know that he’s seen and appreciated many fans’ art, so we plan prepare an art book especially for him, as soon we can reasonably manage. It will include #AviSaturday contest winners, as well as art that Avi has already seen and loves, as documented in our Seen By PTX Hall of Fame. We may also announce other events especially for gathering content for this upcoming book. As with the already-planned book for Pentatonix, surplus funds from this book’s printing fundraiser will be donated to the Daisy Scholarship.

To accelerate our art-gathering for this book, we’d like to announce a special rule for #AviSaturday and contests from tomorrow until the book is finalized: every #AviSaturday entry that earns at least 10 votes will be placed in Avi’s art book. As usual, the entry that earns the most votes will also be placed in the book for Pentatonix as a whole.

Starting on the eve of May 21 and until Avi’s art book is finalized, every Tuesday will be #DragonTuesday. Send us your pictures of dragons! Accelerated #AviSaturday rules apply: every entry that earns at least 10 votes will join Avi’s book.

[Editors note: The #DragonTuesday announcement was added on May 17.]

Tuesday Special Event: Tell your “Seen by PTX” story

Art that has already been seen by Pentatonix isn’t eligible to enter our contests, but we’re making a place to celebrate it: the Seen by PTX Hall of Fame. Do you have some art that Pentatonix or one of its members has taken a moment to appreciate? This Tuesday, mention @PTX_FanArt and tweet a screenshot or a link to your art that includes their response, and we’ll show your art and tell your story in the Seen by PTX Hall of Fame.

#KevinWednesday: Kevin saw our art!

On Wednesday, April 26, Kevin retweeted our contest thread:

“Have mercy; I love them all!” –Kevin Olusola

Here are the 6 works of fan art that Kevin saw and loves. Click on any of them to get a closer look.

The picture that got the most votes was the one in colored pencil on brown paper by Kathy (@McKathlin) – see her artwork on DeviantArt and Twitter. All six artists in the contest won the honor of being appreciated by the subject of their art. We love you, Kevin!