Speed Art Saturday info

This Saturday, August 28, will be Speed Art Saturday.

We’ll host three 30-minute speed art sessions throughout the day, one of which will welcome photo edit art. These are the starting times:

  • 12:00 noon Pacific / 3:00 PM Eastern time
  • 6:00 PM Pacific / 9:00 PM Eastern time.  Photo edit art welcome!
  • 7:00 PM Pacific / 10:00 PM Eastern time

For each session, the prompt will be a surprise, revealed at session start. The prompt could be anything pertaining to one or more of the 5 current members of Pentatonix.

Here’s how each speed art session works:

  • On the appointed start time, we’ll reveal the prompt and you may begin making art relevant to the prompt.
  • 30 minutes later, we’ll announce that time’s up. Post your art as a reply to the speed art prompt, either early, or right after the warning. After the “time’s up” warning, we allow 2 more minutes for posting, and then we announce who has completed the challenge and close the thread.
  • All entries that are complete on time and comply with Speed Art Saturday rules will be showcased on Sunday’s speed art approval thread, where all entries with 15 or more votes join one or more of our art books for PTX.

In addition to our general rules, the following special rules apply to Speed Art Saturday:

  • Speed art must be relevant to its session’s prompt.
  • Do not copy previously made PTX-specific art assets into your speed art. General-purpose stock art assets (e.g. free clip art, digital art brushes, scrapbooking materials) are okay to use. Viewing your own art for reference is also fine.
  • One session welcomes photo edit art, but for other sessions, do not trace photos or digitally copy them into your speed art. Viewing photos for reference is okay.
  • Speed art must be submitted in a reply to the art prompt tweet before we close the thread. (This happens 32 minutes after we tweet the art prompt.)
  • Co-directors @McKathlin and @scoothooying know the art prompts ahead of time, and so are not allowed to enter the speed art sessions.

Art that is late for the thread, or does not comply with one or more of the other special rules for speed art, is still eligible to enter for Catch-All Day if it complies with our general rules.