Bandwagon Week, June 30 – July 6

We’ll begin funding the book for Pentatonix in July, and it will be printed at the end of July. So we’re in our last contest weeks for the book. On Bandwagon Week, we aim to add a balanced crop of many artists’ work to the book: the more, the merrier!

How to Enter

Enter as you would for a normal contest: any time from now until voting opens on contest day, tweet your art & mention @PTX_FanArt. Traditional, digital, and photo edit art will all run together, without distinction of categories. Otherwise, rules will be like normal contest rules, except that we’ll be accepting as many works of art as we can as long as each member gets the same amount.

You are welcome to enter art that depicts more than one member of Pentatonix. If you do, we will decide which member’s day it runs on, in an effort to balance individual and group shots member for member.

How Winners are Determined

#FanArtFriday on June 30 is a simple approval event: all entries that get at least 10 votes join the #PTXFanArtBook. We’ll take as many as come.

The individual members’ contest days, July 1 through 6, have only one limit to how many entries join the book: the number of qualifying entries in whoever’s contest day has the fewest.

For example, let’s suppose we get Bandwagon Week entry counts based on the averages from our last three general contest weeks. That would look like this:

  •     #AviSaturday: 21 entries
        #ScottSunday:  7 entries
        #MitchMonday: 10 entries
     #KevinWednesday:  7 entries
    #KirstieThursday: 13 entries

In this example, the fewest entries in any of these contest days is 7, so 7 entries from each contest day would be added to the art book for Pentatonix. Once the week is complete, each contest day’s entries join the gallery and book with the following priority:

  1. Top-voted entry overall
  2. Darkhorse entries, top-voted first, 1 entry per artist. For this contest’s purposes, a darkhorse is anyone who hasn’t won a contest before Bandwagon Week started.
  3. Champion entries, top-voted first, 1 entry per artist.
  4. Additional entries from artists who already have an entry accepted for that day.

In the event of a tie (e.g. 2 entries from darkhorse artists on the same contest day that get the same number of votes), priority goes to whichever work of art was entered earlier.

As usual, #AviSaturday will also serve as an approval event for the art book for Avi: every work of art that gets at least 28 votes will join Avi’s book. #DragonTuesday is exclusive to Avi’s book; all dragon art that gets at least 14 votes will join Avi’s book.

How to Help Bandwagon Week Succeed

We happily welcome entries for all our contest days, as many as care to enter, so enter any of your art that you’d love to have Pentatonix see. Our records of past entries show that Kevin and Scott tend to get the fewest entries. So if you want to give your art and your friends’ art the best possible chance of joining the book, draw Kevin or Scott, or both! You can also help by sharing your favorite photos and videos of Kevin or Scott, and inviting your artist friends to enter Kevin or Scott art.


In case you’d like some help learning to draw them:

#FanArtFriday coloring contest, June 23

Grand winner: @Gerridwynn9 | 2nd: @McKathlin | 3rd: @Jadetriestoart

We originally planned for 3 winning slots: 1 for top-voted overall, 1 for top-voted among those who had not yet won a contest, and 1 for top-voted child age 10 or younger. However, we had only 3 entries, all from champion artists, so our 3 winning slots went to them.

Click any of the above images to view larger.

#DragonTuesday approvals, June 20

This #DragonTuesday, these 6 works of dragon art received 14 or more votes and so have qualified to join the art book for Avi. Mouse over any image to view title and author, and click to view larger.