Campaigns: another way join the PTX book

Some artists don’t like art contests, but do want to contribute to the book for Pentatonix. For these artists and others who could use the encouragement, we’ve opened an alternate route to the PTX Fan Art book: campaigns. Here’s how it works:

  1. Call: @PTX_FanArt makes a call to nominate art of a specific member of PTX.
  2. Nomination: Any fan may reply to this call and nominate art that they’d like to see in the book, whether it’s their own or someone else’s, whether or not the artist is on Twitter. The first nomination to gain 10 votes (Twitter likes) proceeds to the next step.
  3. Permission: A @PTX_FanArt team member asks the nominated work’s artist for permission to campaign for the art’s inclusion in the book. If they grant permission, proceed to the next step. Otherwise, pursue other artists’ nominations.
  4. Campaign: @PTX_FanArt makes a campaign tweet for the work of art. Fans like the tweet and retweet it far and wide. Once it gathers at least 100 likes, the art joins the book for PTX. (For some purposes, such as the coloring book, PTX may set a lower bar for likes a campaign tweet must gather.) There is no hard deadline for campaigns, aside from the deadline for the PTX book itself.

@PTX_FanArt will begin to call for campaign nominations on Saturday, May 27; these campaigns will be the primary focus of @PTX_FanArt’s activities for the week until Friday, June 2.


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